More Testimonials…

“Carmen worked with me in designing the floor plan layout and interior design for my log home.
I really enjoy working with Carmen, as she has a very practical and cost aware approach to design. Her ideas are unique, tasteful and will guarantee you many “ah’s” and “oh’s” from your friends and visitors. I truly recommend Carmen for anybody looking for support in re-decorating an existing place or building a new home!”

H. Thoene (Van Isle EcoLog Homes) – April 2010

In April 2011 Hermann participated in the Young Life Home Design and Renovation Tour, a fund raiser for Young Life Victoria. In preparation for this event he asked me to help with the finishing touches and stage the home! Click on this link to view Ecolog BC Show home Staged for Young Life Tour:

“I moved into an apartment without closets and too much stuff.  For the first time in my life, I couldn’t figure out where to put things so that my space would not feel entirely cluttered.  I was stuck.  Ever since I’ve hired Carmen, I’ve been congratulating myself for finding and hiring her.  She helped me make those decisions I was unable to make with regards to how to make my space feel more open, and she helped me purge things that I no longer needed.   She clearly has a great sense of design, and I ended up following all of her recommendations.  She works fast and efficiently and we got an incredible amount done in the 4 hrs she spent with me!   I would not hesitate to hire her again, and plan to recommend her to anyone I meet who needs organizing/interior design help!”

T. Huang – April 2010

“After we moved, I never felt comfortable in our new house, even though it was bigger and much nicer than the old one.  I tried so many things and was constantly rearranging the furniture in an attempt to get it right.  Finally, after 5 years of trying, I called Carmen.

Carmen listened carefully and was very respectful of our lifestyle and our budgeting needs.  I wasn’t sure how things would turn out, and was prepared to consider moving if I still wasn’t happy, but she managed to transform our house in just 4 hours.  Her suggestions were excellent, and I loved how she just got right down to business, picking stuff up and moving things around as soon as decisions had been made.  She didn’t waste one minute.

Our whole family is enjoying the house, and we get many compliments from people who have seen our house makeover.  Most importantly, I am happy and comfortable, and can finally say, “I love my house.  If you want to love your house, you should definitely call Carmen!”

S. Goodman – December 2010

“Carmen came over to my newly purchased 1974 condo to give me advice on doing renovations and prioritize them.  Of course getting the 1974 wallpaper off every wall was #1 and she helped organize a number of tradespersons to quote on repairing the walls which were damaged from the wallpaper removal.  Choosing paint colors with Carmen was such an easy task – she and I narrowed it down to tones that would work with my furniture, carpet and the feel I wanted to go for.  It took all of 1 hour, which was impressive.   Everyone who comes into my place cannot say enough good things about the colors and when I walk in I just smile because I love them so much too.

Overall, I was impressed by her visualization of what could be done within the budget set out.  Carmen is very professional, and did not waste time – “get the job done in a timely manner” is her motto. I would not hesitate to recommend her and in fact, I already have!”

A. Graham – February 2011

“Just wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for the amazing job you did on my condo.  Your innovative ideas truly transformed the whole look of my condo. The placement of the mirrors in the kitchen made it appear double in size & when the sunlight hits them it is so bright & cheery.  Your utilization of items that meant something personal to me (even though they were in the purge pile) was greatly appreciated.  I thoroughly would recommend you to anyone looking for an updated look.”

Dorothy – March 2011

“I’d used Carmen to help with some decorating ideas for my condo. Carmen did an amazing job in picking out colors that brightened up the rooms and transformed the whole look of my condo. She selected just the right tiling around the mantle and the kitchen back splash. I found Carmen very professional, was on budget, did not waste time and was a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend her.”

B. Billson – August 2012